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We now offer three flavours of BareBox!

BareBox Coated

A powder coated BareBox with a fitted radial security lock, supplied ready to install.
Available in 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 900mm sizes
BareBox Original

The original BareBox, supplied in raw galvanised steel ready for you to finish as you please.
Available in 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 900mm sizes


All about BareBoxes!

Our unique profiled design allows a BareBox to make full use of the space above the rear wheel arch.

BareBox fitted

Our innovative design, coupled with the robust construction and the secure nature of a BareBox, makes it extremely suitable for overland, expedition, commercial, competition or leisure use.
BareBoxes are useful for safely and securely storing heavy items of recovery equipment (strops, shackles, pulley blocks etc.) as well as keeping your valuables out of sight from prying eyes.

Our smaller BareBoxes can also be modified for use as internal battery boxes, simplifying the installation of additional batteries (for powering winches or auxiliary equipment such as lighting and fridges)

BareBoxes can be fixed into place in your Land Rover using a variety of methods, although the simplest, easiest and most secure method is to simply bolt them straight onto the wheel arch.


Versatile Storage.....

A 400mm BareBox is the perfect size to replace a single rear seat in a Defender 90 or 110.

The 900mm wide BareBox has been designed with a dual purpose.
As well as fitting onto the vehicles wheel arch in the normal way, it is also the perfect size to be installed across the load bed, tight up against the bulkhead - fitting neatly between the wheel arches.
It's unique shape also makes good use of the dead space created by the angled nature of the bulkhead.

Accross the load bed

This method on installing is also suitable for County Station Wagons fitted with dog guards.

How we make BareBoxes.....

BareBoxes are produced in our Hampshire based factory. The process starts with the required dimensions being fed into our computerised CAD system. From here, the information is transferred to our CNC water bed Plasma cutter. This accurately and precisely cuts out the components of the BareBox from a large sheet of 20 gauge galvanised steel.

The cut components are then inserted into hydraulic folding machines, that bend the them into the characteristic BareBox shape. The seams of the BareBoxes are then spot welded and the full length hinges are welded into place.

BareBoxes in construction

At the same time, the lids of the BareBoxes are being folded and their corners gas welded and dressed.
The completed lids are then welded onto the hinges and any exposed welds are treated with a zinc rich sealer.

The completed BareBoxes then pass onto quality control where they are examined and any defects are rectified.
Once the inspection is passed and we are happy with the completed BareBox, we will either send it off to be powder coated (to become part of our BareBox Coated range) or it will be packed (as a BareBox Original), ready for shipping to it's new owner.

BareBox dimensions

Approximate dimensions of our BareBoxes are available below

  400mm 600mm 800mm 900mm