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At BareBox, we produce quality Land Rover storage boxes, specifically designed for use in Series and Defender vehicles*. BareBoxes are suitable for leisure, expedition, competition and commercial use.


Our boxes come in a range of finishes, supplied in their "bare" state (hence the name BareBox) or coated inside and out with satin black powder coat and fitted with radial type security locks.


BareBoxes are extremely robust and just the job for keeping all your Land Rover "stuff" out of sight, safe and secure.
Our BareBoxes are  designed to make full use of all the available wheel arch space, giving them additional capacity when compared to more traditional storage systems.

You'll be amazed at how much kit a BareBox can consume!


We also produce a high quality all steel cubby box called the BareCub.
The BareCub comes complete with a radial type security lock, an internal storage tray and a removable cup holder.
Due to it's unique design and dimensions, the BareCub is suitable for all Defenders, including Puma powered Tdci models.


BareBox - Land Rover Storage Products

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* For 2007 onward Defenders with "sloping" rear wheel arches (usually where forward facing seats are factory fitted), a small amount of packing will be required under the front edge of the box. Also please be aware that the location of the interior plastic trim surrounding the forward facing seats may result in the BareBox protruding very slightly into the load area.

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